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Sky above the Wicklow mountains today 


A marketing look at the Black Friday sale from Transparent Language

  • Nice Black image with moving design to draw a bit of attention
  • Clear Call to Action with 45% off
  • Black Friday used a few times at the top - maybe not so much need to use 3 times

*Note: This is not a criticism of the marketing email, just an analysis


FunSubstance.com - Endless Entertainment & Humor on We Heart It. https://weheartit.com/entry/76718761/via/wlay



When you pronounce tones correctly in Mandarin.

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"Panda" in Mandarin Chinese


End of January challenges

It is feb 3 and final get a chance to review January challenges. I planned to do 4 things and in the end completed 2 and did 2 half-well. Overall maybe 66% score. I finishe a book I kept on dragging out over months. Then, I focused hard on a project at work to make sure it was executed well. These were easy challenges. The Korean challenge was tough in that i didn’t set a goal per se. I was flitting between apps and content and Wasent getting anywhere. Then, I decided to just target 50 words to learn and memorizing them with flashcards on my phone. It was easy - and I felt I made progress - rather than doing a word here and there. I created structure. For the google analytics, my fourth challenge, I dived into it, but didn’t really go as far as I wanted. In December I will complete this.

What I learnt was that in order to do these challenges there are 2 key things. At start of month, prepare all the learning content for month. 2-make sure to set clear goals, even if the learning topic I quite general. Don’t set “I will learn to play guitar”. Instead set “I will learn 1 song well”.

One other consideration is that 4 challenges is too much, but that wasent the issue for me in this month. If I find a big enough challenge for 1 month, I will set it as the only challenge. For the moment, I will continue with 4.

For February-I will write a separate post.